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BeVision W1 is a dynamic image particle size and shape analyzer for wet measurements. Based on sheath flow theory, the BeVision W1 particle image analyzer can capture each particle and deliver accurate image data. BeVision W1 particle analyzer is the best solution for scientific research and quality control. Based on a high-speed camera and sheath flow design, the BeVision W1 captures a clear image of each particle, delivering accurate particle size analysis and particle shape measurement results.

Features and Benefits

  • Measurement range: 4 to 400 µm
  • 24 different particle size and shape parameters
  • Dispersion type: Wet
  • Sheath flow technology generates high-quality image
  • Results in compliance with ISO 9276-6
  • Powerful software eases your work
  • Customizable reports for different evaluation options


What is Image Analysis? Fundamentals of BeVision Series Video play


1) Analysis parameters:
Particle size distribution, D100, aspect ratio, circularity and radius-thickness ratio.

2) Sheath flow theory: 
Ensures each individual particle passes through the focal plane of the cell sequentially, eliminates particle overlapping and defocus issues.

BeVision W1 Sheath flow theory

3) Optimized software: 
10,000 particles per minute. Automatic recognition of agglomerated powder further improves accuracy.

Curated Resources

  • Guidebook
    Image analysis, particle parameters guidebook


    A Guide to Particle Size and Shape Parameters By Image Analysis


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