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A Guide to Particle Size and Shape Parameters By Image Analysis



The particle size and shape greatly affect powder properties, which are used to evaluate product performance. Some examples are the packing density of crushed sands, the grinding effect of abrasives, the engineering properties of granular soils, etc. Various parameters are utilized to characterize the particle size and shape, which are described in this guidebook, with the intention to facilitate the understanding of these abstract concepts and provide a more comprehensive interpretation. These parameters provide insight into your samples and will be useful in new product development, product performance improvement, and quality control.


21 Particle size and shape parameters covered:


1. Calibration Coefficient 11. Aspect Ratio
2. Area 12. Compactness
3. Perimeter 13. Box Ratio
4. Area-equivalent Diameter and Perimeter-equivalent Diameter 14. Extent
5. Circularity 15. Straightness
6. Major Axis and Minor Axis of Legendre Ellipse 16. Elongation
7. Ellipse Ratio 17. Martin Diameter
8. Long Diameter and Short Diameter  18. Convexity
9. L/W Ratio of Minimum Bounding Rectangle 19. Concavity
10. Feret Diameter 20. Solidity
  21. Irregularity


Recommended Analyzers:

Bettersizer--S3-Plus-Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Bettersizer S3 Plus

Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Shape Analyzer


  • 0.01 - 3,500μm(Laser System)
  • 2 - 3,500μm(Image System)


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