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Ask an Expert! Introducing Bettersizer 2600

In this "Ask an Expert" video, we discuss some of the common issues during the selection of particle size analyzer as well as the advantages of the single-laser system in the Bettersizer 2600. Last but not least, we explained the decision tree to assist you in choosing the right dispersion unit that suits your needs. The Bettersizer 2600 is an integrated and powerful laser diffraction particle size analyzer, driven by the innovative optical system and standard operating procedure (SOP) to offer you precise particle size distribution for both wet and dry dispersions with utmost ease. The Bettersizer 2600 is widely used in industries including battery materials, cement, ceramics, electronics, mining and mineral, metals, surface paints, plastics and rubbers, pesticides, chemicals, and so on. Watch Bettersizer 2600 overview: https://youtu.be/rc2U5JVARVM Watch the application video(coffee): https://youtu.be/kfuKiOwZiC4 Watch the application video(cosmetics): https://youtu.be/vuUy1zdBsI0 Watch Bettersizer 2600 demo video: https://youtu.be/Es61fQrhdEE Watch Fundamentals of Bettersizer 2600: https://youtu.be/oiHUjb7yvCY Watch the Bettersizer 2600 operation video: https://youtu.be/PrtL16aPvxA For more info on Bettersizer 2600, please visit: https://www.bettersizeinstruments.com...

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