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Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd. highlights the importance of measuring particle size distribution of reflective materials


Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd. (DM), the first and only publicly listed Reflective Materials Company in China. Located in the Zhejiang Province in China, DM is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of reflective materials and personal safety products.


Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd. Bettersize Instruments Partner

Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd.

As an important partner of CNPC, SINOPEC, China Mobile, China Telecom and Qingling Motors, DM has been committed to continuously providing customers with new technologies and products. With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for high-quality reflective materials is also increasing, which also leads DM to seek new solutions for its development and production. As of now, Bettersize Instruments has helped DM and escorted them along the journey to technological innovation and product innovation.

During the visit to DM, their laboratory scientist shared their valuable thoughts and information with us.

Graphene oxide, the main material of DM reflective products, is the oxide of graphene, which is brown-yellow in color and mostly comes in flake structure. Common products on the market come in powder, flake and solution form. Graphene is more active because of the increase of oxygen-containing functional groups after oxidation, and its properties can be improved through various reactions with oxygen-containing functional groups. Due to the fine particles and narrow particle size distribution of graphene oxide powder, the material particles are easily agglomerated, making the material state difficult to be stable and uniform. Consequently, product development and production present some challenges. Measuring and controlling the particle size distribution of graphene oxide has become an important step towards product innovation. Bettersize Instruments adheres to a mission of providing cutting-edge technologies and top-notch services to users in the industry. During the in-depth conversation with DM technicians, Bettersize Instruments conducted methodological studies and customized solutions on materials provided by DM. As a result, the graphene oxide material always maintains a stable dispersion state in the process of laser particle size measurement and shows stability and accuracy during particle size measurement.

The laboratory scientist of DM said: “Under the guidance of the professionals of Bettersize Instruments, the stability of the material in the particle size measurement process is excellent. Although our company is in the development stage of new products, and most of the samples to be measured are preliminary flake structures, the Bettersizer ST by Bettersize Instruments can help measure out the particle size deviation of different batches of samples, and the result’s stability is excellent, which has great guiding significance for the research and development of our new products.”

The traditional sieving method has a large deviation in measuring particle size distribution, and it has less measurement efficiency. The laser diffraction method is not only an emerging technology for material particle size measurement but also the most popular measurement method at present. Its application technology provides facilitating conditions for an accurate, stable and high-efficient particle size measurement. In the process of using Bettersizer ST, its simple and quick operation, highly integrated control operating software, rational and simplified instrument design, design of combining measuring device and dispersion circulation system into an All-In-One device, having a built-in ultrasonicator attached into dispersion device, which is beneficial to greatly improve our work efficiency in the process of new product R&D and product QC (Quality Control).

Bettersize team support and after-sales services are very considerate and timely! A team of professionals can provide on-site and online services including troubleshooting and training within 24 hours after receiving an email, a phone call and a short message. Some of DM's industrial partners said that the instruments of Bettersize have been used for over 10 years, and are still operating steadily delivering high-quality particle size distribution results. Bettersize after-sales service team has always maintained close contact with us and provides regular maintenance guidance for the instrument.

At Bettersize, we strive to do every research in a precise way. Bettersize ST has revolutionized particle size analysis for Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd. We have been able to significantly improve the bottom line of Daoming Optics and Chemical Co., Ltd. and we will continue to improve.

For more info on DM, please visit: http://en.chinadaoming.com/
For more info on Bettersizer ST, please visit: https://www.bettersizeinstruments.com/products/bettersizer-st-laser-particle-size-analyzer/


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