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Bettersize attended the 85th API China


The 85th API China was held in Nanjing on October 14th, 2020. API China is one of the most authoritative and important exhibitions in the pharmaceutical industry. This exhibition includes all the auxiliary materials, functional ingredients, internal and external packaging materials, production and testing equipment needed for the production of medicine and health products. Bettersize holds the concept of "Technology leading, craftsmanship manufacturing" to demonstrate the latest particle size testing technology and pharmaceutical testing solutions to the public.


The 85th API China


Although we are now in the post-epidemic period, the number of visitors has only increased, and new and old customers have been coming to Bettersize booth in an endless stream. Under the leadership of Ms.Cong Lihua, sales director of Bettersize, Sales manager Huang Hua and international sales manager John Wang welcomed guests with open arms and dealt with all kinds of doubts and problems of Bettersize's customers.The sales manager patiently explained the structure and principle of each instruments and provided corresponding solutions for different applications to the guests who had first contact with the laser particle size analyzer. For regular customers, sales managers timely follow up the using status of their instruments, to ensure that every Bettersize equipment is in normal operation, to ensure that Bettersize service can be accurate in place.




Bettersizer 2600 Wet and dry Laser particle size analyzer, BeVision S1 image particle Analysis system and PowderPro A1 intelligent powder characteristics tester are exhibited. Bettersizer 2600 has the latest patent: Fourier and reverse Fourier optical system, which combines forward, lateral and backward scattering technology to achieve full angle measurement, improve test range and resolution. Bettersizer 2600 is equipped with dry disperser, wet disperser, wet small volume sample system and Anti-corrosion wet disperser to meet customers' various sample test requirements. BeVision S1 can quantitatively detect the parameters such as particle size, aspect ratio, roundness and area of samples through the software independently developed by Bettersize. PowderPro A1 can test 14 parameters, including the bulk density/ flowability and so on. During the exhibition, Bettersize instruments received praise from the visitors.




"Become the world leading particle sizing and characterization instrument supplier and research center" is always remembered in our minds. We are looking forward to your visit in Nanjing API China!




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