Particle Size

What is Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution?

Particle size indicates how small (or big) a particle is. The unit is usually mm, μm or nm. The particle diameter is the most common parameter usually used to describe particle size. Particle size distribution is characterized as a percentage of the number of particles in a specific size range compared to the total number of the particles. Particle size distribution can be expressed in many ways based on different criteria, including number, diameter, area, volume, and mass. Particle size distribution as measured by laser diffraction is most commonly based on volume. Particle size and particle size distribution are the major analysis parameter of particle size measurement equipment (also called "particle size analyzer").

The main parameter for the characterization of droplets in emulsions or particles in suspensions is the particle size distribution. We offer a variety of different instruments and methods for tackling different challenges in applications, regardless if they are to be used in quality control or research and development. Bettersize Instruments Ltd is a famous Chinese particle size analyzer suppliers, Bettersize will offer you better particle size solutions.

  • 3D Printing and Powdered Metals 3D Printing and Powdered Metals

    Provide you particle size distribution and particle shape analysis data of metals.The manufacturing of metals includes various physical and chemical processes including smashing, atomization, reductio...

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  • Abrasives Abrasives

    Bettersize instruments provide the particle size distribution and particle shape analysis of silicon carbide, diamond, corundum and other materials.Widely used, abrasive is the ‘teeth’ of the manufa...

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  • Agrochemical Analysis Agrochemical Analysis

    Bettersize instruments are necessary tools for the particle size testing and particle shape analysis of all kinds of suspension agents.Such environmentally friendly water-based agrochemicals as suspen...

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  • Cement Cement

    Bettersize instruments provide the particle size distribution and powder physical property data of cement products.Cement production is a typical high energy consumption industry, and the powder grind...

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  • Ceramics Ceramics

    Bettersize instruments offer the particle size distribution testing and production control of ceramic products.In the production of ceramics, the appropriate particle size of the preform body, glaze, ...

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  • Chemicals Chemicals

    Bettersize instruments are widely used in the study and production control of the particle size, particle shape and powder characteristics of chemicals.In order to develop and optimize the production ...

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  • Coal Industry Coal Industry

    Bettersize instruments provide the particle size analysis data of coal industry products (coal, coal water slurry and coal ash).Thermal power plants generally smash raw coal into coal fines. The good ...

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  • Electronics

    Bettersize instruments provide the particle size distribution testing and particle shape testing of the raw materials of electronic products.In the electronics industry, many materials and processes h...

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  • Food and Beverage Food and Beverage

    The particle size distribution testing of the food and drink industry provides necessary data for improving quality and production efficiency.The performance of the food and drink industry is closely ...

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  • Fuel Cells/Batteries Fuel Cells/Batteries

    Bettersize instruments provide particle size distribution, bulk density, tap density and other physical property data of cathode and anode materials so as to contribute to the technological developmen...

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  • Mining and Minerals Mining and Minerals

    Bettersize particle size and shape analysis instruments are widely used in the research, manufacturing and application of all kinds of mining and minerals, bringing favorable profits.The Bett...

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  • Oil and Petrochemicals Oil and Petrochemicals

    Particle size is a very important parameter in the petrochemical industry.Bettersize laser particle size analyzer wet dispersion system can help you to detect:● Catalysts: including the research and ...

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  • Paints, Inks, Pigments and Coatings Paints, Inks, Pigments and Coatings

    Bettersize instruments provide such physical data as the particle size distribution and powder flowability of paints, inks and coating products.The differences between the particle size and particle s...

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  • Pharmaceutical Development Pharmaceutical Development

    Bettersize instruments provide test data of particle size distribution and the physical performance of powder so as to contribute to the whole process of pharmaceutical research, development and produ...

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  • Soil and Sediment Science Soil and Sediment Science

    Bettersize instruments provide the particle size analysis and sand content analysis data of soil and sediment samples.Particle size distribution is a widely accepted method of determining soil texture...

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Importance of particle sizing:

Particle size is one of the main characteristics of powder materials. The particle size parameter is key in determining cement reactions in water, attaching strength and coverage of coatings, capacity of lithium batteries, decomposition rate of pharmaceutics, filtering efficiency of filters, magnetic permeability and coercivity of magnetic materials, efficiency and residual of pesticides, atmosphere and environment pollution, etc. Particle sizing is a basic and important process in production, application, and research of powder materials. The application of particle size distribution equipment plays a very important role in these fields, especially the laser particle analyser has been widely used and deeply loved by customers and users.

Bettersize particle size analyzer:

Bettersize has been developing and manufacturing laser particle size analyzers since 1995. Using advanced, scientific approaches, and collaborating extensively with global research leaders in academia, government and industry to answer questions at the leading edge of particle sizing research, Bettersize has developed a variety of high-performance particle size testing equipment that meet international standards. Our particle size analyzers have been widely used in many industries for the analysis of particle size of different powders.

A detailed description of laser diffraction can be found HERE.
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