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How to Install and Operate BeVision M1

In this video, find out how to use the automatic static image analyzer the BeVision M1 to measure the particle size and shape of raw materials Effortlessly. Sample used: Glass Beads The BeVision M1 provides an accurate analysis of particle size and shape in the range of 1 - 10,000 μm. With the precise auto-moving stage, the BeVision M1 performs analysis more efficiently and go beyond the size limit. Watch BeVision Series Overview: https://youtu.be/3bYJTakChOw Watch BeVision S1 Operation Video: https://youtu.be/Da1KKloswWc Watch Fundamentals of BeVision Series: https://youtu.be/f89DNi_xVsc Product info: https://www.bettersizeinstruments.com...

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