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Why is reproducibility so important?


For laser diffraction particle size analysis, the implementation of the reproducibility test can be used for:


  • Evaluation of the stability of the instrument’s long-term operation. 
  • Evaluation of the standardization of operation steps. 
  • Evaluation of the stability of the sampling method. 
  • Evaluation of the measurement consistency. 
  • Evaluation of the influence of the working environment on the measurement.


The reproducibility test requires qualified and stable reference materials to be used, which do not change during the measurement. These reference materials or standards, as they are normally known, should be stored under their prescribed conditions. They can be purchased from the analyzer supplier or ordered direct from a standard supplier of good reputation by the users. 


The reference materials should be used before the expiry date. A reproducibility test should be carried out every three months. If the reproducibility lies within the acceptable error range, the working status of the instrument is confirmed; if not, a system inspection is necessary.




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