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Beginner’s Guide to Particle Analysis


Welcome to the fascinating world of particle analysis! In the realm of this field, a myriad of terms and concepts often perplex users, leading to confusion and frustration. Fear not! In this mini wiki handbook, we present a concise and enlightening guide to unravel the mysteries surrounding particle analysis.


Within these pages, we embark on a journey through six pivotal topics, spanning from the nanoscale to the microscale. Here, we dive deep into the most commonly used parameters, accompanied by clear and illustrative explanations. Our mission is to empower you with a fundamental understanding of particle analysis, making complex concepts effortlessly comprehensible.


From the ever-popular laser diffraction to the cutting-edge techniques of dynamic light scattering, dynamic and static image analysis, and light obscuration, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to decipher test reports and comprehend the intricacies of the measurement procedures.



This handbook is tailored for instrument users seeking to conquer the obstacles of particle analysis. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or an eager newcomer to the field, we hope this resource serves as your trusted companion on this enlightening journey.


Embrace the insights within these pages, and let the world of particle analysis unfold before you. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together! You can also browse all the items on the WiKi page!




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