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What is spray particle size analyzer typical used for?


The particle size distribution of a spray is an important parameter in the research of pharmaceutical spray, pesticide spray, and engine combustion efficiency, which is helpful in optimizing the atomizer design, spray pressure control, and evaluation of the spray effect.


Here are some examples to demonstrate the importance of the particle size distribution of the spray droplet. The size of the pesticide droplets should be between 150 and 300μm for optimal bioavailability. The droplet size of the inhaled drug should be less than 10um to be effectively inhaled into the lungs and exerts its medicinal effect. The diesel droplets in diesel engines should be less than 100um to improve combustion efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


The spray particle size analyzer is typically used in water sprays, fuel sprays, beauty sprays, atmospheric monitoring, inhaled drugs, agrochemicals, routine atomizers, fuel injection systems, and spray granulation.





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