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What are the factors that affect repeatability and reproducibility?


In case the repeatability or reproducibility is not ideal, the following factors should be considered:


Working status of the instrument

The working status of the whole system, including laser source, detectors, signal transmission system, control system, circulation and dispersion system, and software.


Measurement procedure

Background signal, obscuration level, measurement parameters, medium temperature, type and dosage of dispersing agent, solvent type, ultrasonication duration and strength, and cleanliness of the sample cell.


Batch sampling

Sampling method, including sampling from the process line and preparation in the laboratory, such as re-homogenization of the sample.


Working environment

Input voltage, temperature, external vibration source, and electromagnetic interference.


Properties of the sample

Fragility, the solubility of the sample, and the possibility of the expansion or agglomeration of the particles.




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