Biology and Life Sciences

Bettersize instruments are sophisticated analyzers that provide accurate and reliable measuring results on polymers' characteristics such as sizes, zeta potentials, and molecular weights, which are critical when determining the stabilities and efficacies of polymers such as proteins and macromolecules in biological sciences.

In the research field of biology and life science, polymers such as proteins, polypeptides, antigens, macromolecules, etc. are the main topics of interest. Most of these polymers are made up of smaller building blocks. Proteins, for example, are made up of building blocks known as amino acids, where chains of amino acids are held and folded into three-dimensional shapes through peptide bonds. The structures, surface charges, and composition of amino acids building blocks affect the proteins’ properties and, ultimately, the efficacy and stability of proteins. Since most of the polymers are synthesized and utilized in aqueous systems, investigating the properties of polymers suspension is one of the challenges for biological researches. The key indicator of protein suspension is its zeta potential, which indicates the likelihood of protein aggregations. Besides zeta potentials, particle sizes and molecular weights are two other important characteristics of polymers that are worth attention during researches. For instance, some proteins that are sensitive to temperature experience denaturation when the environment temperature increases. Closely monitoring the molecular weight and particle sizes of proteins during denaturation helps researchers in building the thermal stability analysis.

The BeNano Series innovated by Bettersize provide robust and precise results of zeta potentials, particle sizes, and molecular weights of polymers in liquid suspension systems, accelerating the research and development processes in biology and life science.

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