Meet Dr. Hui Ning - Product Director

He is a highly experienced Product Director at Bettersize, corresponding for R&D and marketing work for the nanometrics product line who loves technology innovation that meets the needs of end-users - but who also finds happiness in being with family, fishing, and playing table tennis.

Technology is the core of Bettersize DNA which fulfills the needs of the end-users and solves technical challenges."

Having grown up in China, he earned a doctorate degree from the University of Twente, Netherlands; And completed his postdoctoral research at IFF, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. He has worked around the world after his postdoctoral research. Prior to coming back to live in China to develop Bettersize, he worked for over 11 years in a British company. His decision to join Bettersize is simple. During the past two decades, the nanomaterial characterization market has developed very quickly. Besides providing advanced material characterization technology, Bettersize also offers high-quality after-sales service and application support to users. After being offered the job, the choice was easy.

”I grew up in China but I have worked around the world since my postdoctoral.”

Ning is responsible for the products of the BeNano series that play a key role in nanoparticle research; their aesthetics and functionality, technical aspects of the products, and how they all work together to meet the end-users needs. He oversees everything from details to complete systems.

An excellent team player, Ning is always generous with sharing information and contacts and helps people connect with the right people. Despite having a good sense of humor, he enjoys working on multiple projects at the same time.

For him, 2021 was an amazing year. In contribution to BeNano, his team developed backscattering DLS technology with excellent sensitivity. Besides, this technology could accurately measure the particle size of the sample with high turbidity that allowed them to measure the glucose molecules successfully which might be a new record for the minimum size limit of DLS technology. The product management team he built to oversee each product line was another thing that transpired under his leadership to perform more product and marketing analyses. Therefore, the organization is able to better understand the marketing requirement, respond quicker, and allocate efforts more rationally.

“It is exciting working with a startup and a team of professionals. The technology and business are both very advanced at Bettersize. My team and I are all working for a successful company for more technology innovation. When the moment comes, a theory becomes a reality, a prototype becomes a successful product, it is really amazing. – I love working at Bettersize, It is challenging and exciting at the same time - and that is what makes it fun!”

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