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Bettersize Employee's Story

Rey Hou

After-Sales Service Manager


Expert in his field, Rey Hou is bridging the gap between customer need and customer success. He is the exciting after-sales service manager who loves a good joke - but also who works tirelessly to bring smiles to customers' faces.


“The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, wow, I love doing business with Bettersize, and I want to tell others about the experience. And it has been the case.”

Already at a young age, he found Bettersize Instruments as a high-tech company offering culture and career development opportunities. During his university tenure, Rey started his internship at Bettersize and after graduation in 2009, he was offered to be a member of this ever-growing family considering his passion for work. To this day, working at Bettersize is his first job. He made Bettersize his home, and colleagues his family.


Rey is an easy-going colleague, a great team player, and he has a good sense of humor. Diligence and profession are few outstanding qualities that he possesses among many. His ability to go out of his way to help others and solve problems has made him stand out.


"Despite not being authoritative, I value structure. I have implemented ways of working at our company because I believe a team should follow a structure and do best to provide world-class after-sales services from application support to product installation & training, lifetime software & hardware upgrade, trade-in purchase program and maintenance services, 24 hours technical support, free online and offline training.”

Since moving to Bettersize headquarters, and getting used to the shifting seasons and the need for way more clothes than in warmer climates, Rey has devoted his time wholeheartedly to Bettersize. He thinks a quality after-sales service engineer requires patience and responsibility. To ensure the smooth operation of the instrument, he must first provide customers with excellent service, answering any questions. Secondly, he should stand in the perspective of customers. Responsible for customers and providing them with after-sales service that is professional, immediate, warm, and considerate.


Rey and his team strive to make immediate and problem-solving responses to the requests. “We at Bettersize do our best every day at work, making our customers' lives easy and contributing to Bettersize to become a great brand. Sometimes it's crazy but it’s fun.” Rey said.


About my passion outside of work, I love swimming. I tighten my shoelaces and go jogging. I enjoy singing although it is out of tune. But I think I can improve it with practice.