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Particle Size Analysis: Exploring the Impact of Homogenization on Soy Milk

2023-09-20Application Note

To enhance the taste and stability of soy milk, homogenization, subjecting the liquid to intense shearing, breaking down large fat globules particle and protein clusters, is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. Bettersize can provide the soy milk particle analysis with the combination of two instruments: Bettersizer S3 Plus and BeVision S1, so as to ensure the overall quality of soy milk product and create a homogeneous liquid that effectively prevents fat floating and protein settling.



Bettersizer S3 Plus, BeVision S1



Food, Dairy



Homogenized soy milk and unhomogenized soy milk


Measurement Type:

Particle Size, Particle Shape


Measurement by Technology:

Laser Diffraction, Dynamic Image Analysis, Static Image Analysis

Instruments used for soy milk analysis:



Bettersizer S3 Plus

Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Shape Analyzer


0.01 - 3,500μm (Laser System)

2 - 3,500μm (Image System)

Technology:  Laser Diffraction, Dynamic Image Analysis

Bevision S1

BeVision S1

Classical and Versatile Static Image Analyzer


Dispersion type: Dry & Wet

Size range: 1 - 3,000μm

Technology: Static Image Analysis

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Join Viola and Ricky as they hunt for clues to smoother soy milk using Bettersizer S3 Plus and BeVision S1 .



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