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Measuring the Zeta Potential of Highly Concentrated Fat Emulsion

2022-01-10Application Note

The zeta potentials of lipid emulsion suspensions at different concentrations were successfully characterized by the ELS technology of the BeNano 180 Zeta. The results confirm the capability of the BeNano 180 Zeta in measuring the zeta potential of highly concentrated samples thanks to the innovative optical system and the folded capillary cell with a short light path. It is also concluded that the zeta potential results obtained from highly concentrated samples could not reflect the true potential value of the system. In order to obtain the true zeta potential results, use a proper dilutant to dilute the concentrated sample to an appropriate range. For an unknown aqueous system, it is recommended to perform a concentration titration experiment to determine the optimal concentration range.


BeNano Series




Fat Emulsion


Measurement Type:
Zeta Potential


Measurement Technology:
Electrophoretic Light Scattering

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