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Detecting Dark Brown Colloidal Suspensions Using the BeNano 180 Zeta Pro

2024-02-09Application Note

Darker colored samples often manifest strong light absorption, leading to decreased intensity and fluctuations in scattered light during dynamic light scattering tests. Consequently, sample dilution becomes essential for obtaining more precise results.


In this application note, the BeNano 180 Zeta Pro were employed to investigate the particle size of two samples dispersed in aqueous solutions with light absorbing effects.



BeNano Series






Colloidal Suspensions


Measurement Type:

Particle Size


Measurement by Technology:

Dynamic Light Scattering

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BeNano 180 Zeta Pro

Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 0.3nm - 15μm
  • Minimum sample volume: 3μL
  • High-concentration sample measurement: Backscattering (173°) technology
  • Automatic pH and temperature trend analysis


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