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Particle Size and Shape Analysis of Powder Coatings

2022-06-01Application Note

In the production process of powder coatings, particle size is one of the most important physical properties, which not only affects the spraying performance of finished coatings, but is also closely related to the entire production process of coatings. In this note, different kinds of powder coatings have been successfully characterized by laser diffraction analyzers, which have replaced conventional methods to a large extent mainly due to the advantages of the technology including ease of use, fast operation and high reproducibility, which are powerful tools for the powder coating industry.


Bettersizer 2600
Bettersizer S3 Plus


Paints, Inks, Pigments and Coatings


Powder Coatings


Measurement Type
Particle Size    Particle Shape


Measurement Technology
Laser Diffraction    Dynamic Image Analysis

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