Pharmaceutical Solutions: Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control

09 Jan 2020

In the pharmaceutical industry, particle characteristics such as size, shape, and specific surface of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and excipients have a significant influence on drugs’ performances and quality control. This brochure introduces how Bettersize strives to provide solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in terms of particle characterization. See how the Bettersizer 2600 and the Nanoptic 90 accurately measures particle sizes and size distributions, while the BeVision S1 provides additional shape characterization through the image analysis technology. The PowderPro A1 aids in measuring powder characteristics such as bulk density, tapped density, and flowability.

Bettersizer 2600, Nanoptic 90, BeVision S1, PowderPro A1

Pharmaceutical Development

API and Excipients

Measurement types:
Particle Size, Particle Shape, Powder Characteristics

Measurement by technologies:
Laser Diffraction, Automated Imaging, Dynamic Light Scattering, Powder Characterization

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