Coal Industry

Bettersize instruments provide the particle size analysis data of coal industry products (coal, coal water slurry and coal ash).

Thermal power plants generally smash raw coal into coal fines. The good combustion characteristics of coal fines can reduce incomplete combustion losses. For general coal crushing, the range of particle size distribution is mostly within 5-180 μm, and the particle size of coal fines should be controlled within 20-50 μm. The ideal particle size testing dispersion method for coal fines is dry dispersion (i.e., dispersing coal fines with compressed air). The gas pressure for dispersing coal fines should approach the actual pressure of the boiler to transport the coal fines. When using a wet dispersion system laser particle analyzer, avoiding secondary crushing is the key challenge.

A kind of clean coal-based fluid fuel, coal water slurry not only has similar physical properties to heavy oil, it also has better combustion characteristics than coal. It is one of the most important ways of using coal cleanly and efficiently. The particle size optimization of coal water slurry in power plants can save potentially considerable funds by promoting production efficiency.

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