Bettersize instruments provide the particle size distribution and powder physical property data of cement products.

Cement production is a typical high energy consumption industry, and the powder grinding process is the key factor in its energy consumption. For cement production, optimizing the powder grinding process and reducing excessive grinding are effective measures for reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, increasing production and ensuring quality.

The particle size and particle shape of cement have the following influences on the performance of the finished product:

● Cement strength within 3 days: in order to meet the requirements of cement strength within 3 days, particles with a size of 1-3 μm should be as few as possible, thereby improving the slurry flowability of the cement. Upon particle size testing, if the content of particles with a particle size of 1-3μm exceeds 10%, not only will money have been wasted on over-milling but also it will reduce cement quality and lower production throughput.
● Cement strength within 28 days: the strength of cement within 28 days mainly depends on particles with a size of 3-32 μm. The greater the volume of particles with a size range of 3-32 μm (it should generally be 70%), the stronger the cement. Redundant fine particles (< 3 μm) will lead to the cement overheating and cracking when it sets, while coarse particles make no contribution to the strength and constitute a waste of raw materials. Through particle size testing, the content of particles with a size of 3-32 μm can be optimized through adjusting the grading and grinding media, which can further improve the quality and production efficiency of the cement.
● Particle shape: the spherical degree parameters of cement particles play a vital role in the hardening time, strength and flowability of cement
● The Bettersize particle size, particle shape and powder characteristics analysis instrument can control and optimize the powder grinding process, providing you with research data and process solutions.

Particle Analyzer

Application of Laser Particle Size System in Cement Industry

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