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Bettersize instruments offer the particle size distribution testing and production control of ceramic products.


In the production of ceramics, the appropriate particle size of the preform body, glaze, pigment and other properties can improve the quality of the products. The changes that can occur in the finished products, especially during sintering, largely depend on the performance of the initial powder, and are greatly related to particle size. The ideal particle size distribution of the preform body can improve the density of the structure and further enhance the strength of the porcelain, and the small particle size of the glaze can enhance the surface smoothness of the porcelain. When the particle size of the preform body and glaze reach the nanometer grade, the resulting porcelain will react to produce toughness, creating a wider range of applications for ceramic materials.


In the case of sanitary ware production, the final slip should not be over ground to create too many fines as these will block the pores in the mould, restricting excess water from exiting the mould and thus weakening the formed product when it goes to the furnace for firing.


The Bettersize laser particle analyzer can measure the following properties of ceramic materials:

In the ceramic material production process, preform body, glaze and pigment, particle size distribution, particle shape, powder characteristics and other properties can be measured accurately.


It can also control the quality of the introduced raw materials of ceramic enterprises.

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