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The PowderPro A1 integrates many state-of-the-art technologies such as intelligent control via Wi-Fi , image processing technology, and 3D electromagnetic vibration technology. It can measure the physical properties of powders in a fast, simple, and accurate way. As an intelligent powder characteristics tester, it is an essential instrument to help you understand and research powder materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Multiple controls
  • Convenient data output
  • Intelligent data transmission
  • Automated control technology
  • Automated imaging technology


What is angle of repose? Why and how do we measure it? Video play

Flowability Calculation of Powder Materials Using PowderPro A1 Video stop

Cohesion & Uniformity Measurement and Calculation of Powder Materials Using PowderPro A1 Video stop

Tapped Density and Compressibility Measurement of Powder Materials Using PowderPro A1 Video stop

Bulk Density Testing of Non-metallic Powder Materials with PowderPro A1 Video stop

Angle of Spatula Measurement of Powder Materials with PowderPro A1 Video stop

Angle of Repose, Angle of Fall & Angle of Difference Testing of Powder Materials with PowderPro A1 Video stop

PowderPro A1 Overview | Automatic Powder Characteristics Tester Video stop


Features and Benefits of PowderPro A1 Powder Physical Characteristics Tester


1) Measured and calculated parameters

PowderPro A1 measures fully automatic:
• Angle of Repose and Fall
• Angle of Spatula (Flat Plate Angle)
• Bulk and Tapped Densities
• Dispersibility
• Voidage and Cohesion


PowderPro A1 calculates fully automatic:
• Angle of Difference
• Compressibility
• Uniformity
• Flowability Index
• Floodability Index
• Sieve Size


2) Measure angles with image method
Photographs were taken using high-definition CCD imaging technology. Parameters such as angle of repose, angle of fall and angle of spatula are obtained in a fast and easy way with high precision and good repeatability through the unique image recognition and processing technology.


3) Patented rotary vibration technology: 
Ensure smooth surface of the powder and to improve measurement accuracy. 


4) Automatic control technology:
Fully automatic PC or mobile control ensures easy usage and operation. Accurate and reliable test results are obtained by SOP mode for standardized testing process. 


5) Conformity:

• ASTM D6393-08/D6393-14
• ISO 3953:1993
• USP32-NF27<616>
• EP7.0 07/2010:20934E


6) Data communication:
An electronic scale is connected to the instrument and the weight data is automatically transferred to the system for data processing and calculation of results.


7) Advanced technology of tapped density:
The tapped density is achieved through the perfect combination of variable frequency and rotary vibration technology. The vibration frequency of 50 to 300 times per minute can be continuously adjusted; vibration amplitude of 3 or 14 mm can be selected. During vibration, the cylinder is in a uniform rotation state, this guarantees the horizontal powder surface and improves the accuracy of the reading.

  • Measure Angle of Repose

PowderPro A1 angle of repose measurement


  • Measure Bulk Density and Tapped Densit

PowderPro A1 tapped density measurement

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