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Bettersizer ST

The Bettersizer ST is a fully automated and integrated particle size analyzer with a smart operation system by wet dispersing. Optimized for the industrial QC process, the Bettersizer ST provides stable and reliable testing results with minimum user intervention. The compact footprint saves valuable workspace for factories and laboratories.

Features and Benefits

  • Dispersion type: Wet
  • Size range: 0.1 - 1,000µm
  • Robustness
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Dual lens system
  • Automatic alignment functionality
  • Automatic measurement with SOP


Bettersizer ST Self-Installation is Quick and Easy Video play

Learn How Bettersizer ST can Help with Your Quality Control in 2 Minutes Video stop

Bettersizer ST | Demo (CaCO3 Sample) Video stop

How to Install and Operate Bettersizer ST Video stop

Bettersizer ST Overview | Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer for QC Video stop



Accuracy Verification of Standards
Duke standard samples were measured separately by the Bettersizer ST laser particle sizer, showing the distribution peak in the correct position and narrow distribution with high accuracy.

 Bettersizer ST excellent accuracy
The red line is the nominal size range of standards ± 1.0%, and the black dots are the measured sizes. As shown in the figure, the measurement accuracy of Bettersizer ST laser particle sizer for standards is within 1%. 

Bettersizer ST measurement accuracy

Exceptional repeatability provided by Bettersizer ST laser particle sizer ensures the reliability of the results. Rapid measurements with consistent and reliable results can ease your workload on quality control. 

Excellent Repeatability From: - Stability of signal transmission systems - Efficient dispersion system - Automatic alignment keeps the instrument always in optimum condition - Signal acquiring rate up to 3500 times/second

Repeatability Tests
The outstanding repeatability of Bettersizer ST, demonstrated by the following two consecutive tests.

Bettersizer ST Repeatability TestsBettersizer ST Repeatability Tests














Legendary Ease-of-Use

The Bettersize software provides various functions that greatly reduce your workload. 

Ⅰ . Intuitive Software 

Ⅱ . Intelligent Data Evaluation for Quality Contro

Bettersizer ST data evaluation

Ⅲ . Performance Validation

Bettersizer ST performance validation certificate

Ⅳ . System Inspection 

Bettersizer ST system inspection


Cost-Efficiency & Robustness

Outstanding Robustness
- Integrated casting of the bottom plate to protect the instrument 
- Accurate measurements can be achieved even after a robustness test 
- Long-life fiber semiconductor laser source 
- Durable circulation tank with casted stainless steel 
- Power-adjustable ultrasonic disperser with dry run protection

Compact Design
- Save valuable workspace for factories and laboratories with an internal wet dispersion system 
- The DLOS ensures result accuracy and reliability, while avoiding folding optics that are susceptible to misalignment

Simple Maintenance
- Simple disassembly of sample cells allows a quick cleaning, which can be easily accessed without professional tools and excessive clean formulations 
- Auto-cleaning function for the circulation tank eases the maintenance work greatly 
- Auto-cleaning process can be easily customized in the software

Low Cost of Ownership
- Entry-level price for a laser particle size analyzer 
- A measurement range that covers most applications can be achieved with DLOS without additional cost for a second laser source

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Easy to use

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