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Particle Sizing | An Art to Enhance the Performance of Coatings and Pigments


Muhana unfolds the secret to enhance the performance of coatings and pigments at Clariant Indonesia. In this interview, we explore the first-hand experience and advantages of conducting particle size analysis as one of the key analyses to support Clariant Indonesia customers.


Clariant Indonesia Bettersize customer


Clariant Indonesia


M: Over the past 25 years, we at Clariant Indonesia have devoted ourselves to the coatings and pigments industry and continue to support the improvement of coating products and develop new insights into innovation beyond color.


The COVID-19 pandemic today has also called attention to the economics of paint production and many of our customers are constantly looking to improve efficiency to protect tightening margins without comprising pigment quality in this competitive market.


We at Clariant are constantly looking to innovate to meet the ever-changing market trends. Our diverse team of experts works under the assumption that every problem can be resolved. We support formulators across the globe in the coatings and pigments industry.


For the pigment industry, we offer a broad range of dispersing agents, ranging from cost-effective solutions that cover broad applications, to specialized products to acquire that difficult-to-produce pigment - violet and carbon black. When it comes to pigment quality, particle size and distribution play a crucial role.


What is the right instrument for your particle sizing need?

M: Pigment particle size has an important correlation with coloristic performance in pigment preparation and final paint application. The use of particle size analysis helps us to evaluate the performance of our additives and to ensure that we meet our customers' requirements and specifications.


Laser diffraction is the most popular method of particle size analysis for the production and storage process of pigments, owing to the advantages of simple operation, fast measurement, wide range of testing, and high accuracy, allowing close control and optimization of pigment performance.


The use of laser diffraction is known as one of the most effective methods of particle size analysis. There are a variety of particle sizing equipment from several manufacturers, but Bettersize Instruments has stood out in terms of product reliability and performance, as well as its customer service. For the quality control of coatings and pigments, our team is conducting particle size analysis using the Bettersizer ST by Bettersize Instruments.

What value does Bettersizer ST bring to your business?

M: Determining the particle size of coatings and pigments is one of our key parameters in supporting our customer, this is where Bettersizer ST excels as an ideal analytical instrument. We can verify the outcome of a process without worrying about measurement errors because of measurement consistency which assists us to enhance the performance of coatings and pigments as well as its quality control. This unit is very straightforward in its uses, has good software and is simple to operate for various parameters. It is compact compared to a lot of instruments.

What support does Bettersize Instruments provide you?

M: Whenever we need after-sales services, we always get excellent support. In addition to upgrading instruments' software, their technical support team will provide specific training to our team and minimize downtime. We easily upgrade the hardware to extend the life of the current instrument. In most cases, replacing one or two components is easy and cost-effective.

Do you have suggestions?

M: If you are working with an application that requires particle size analysis, Bettersizer ST is a good choice for consistent and reliable particle size analysis. The Bettersizer ST has a low cost of maintenance and low cost of ownership. Overall, we found this instrument well worth the money spent.


About the Interviewee

Muhana Nurul Hidayah PT Clariant Indonesia Bettersize customer

Muhana Nurul Hidayah

Technical Engineer for Paint & Coating
PT Clariant Indonesia

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