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Metal powders are commonly used in practical applications such as printing, painting, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing, and surface coating. The characteristics of the base powder determine how the finished products perform in any given application. To ensure the repeatable manufacture of metal parts, metal powders must exhibit consistent powder characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to accurately measure size and shape of metal particles.


1. Particle shape

Particle shape influences powder packing, powder flowability and, indirectly, the sintering of compacts made from these powders.


2. Particle size and size distribution

Particle size and particle size distribution are key indicators for certifying and monitoring the quality of metal powders before first use and during powder recycling.

In addition, the powders’ properties (bulk density, flowability, surface area, compressibility) and the potential applications are also affected by these characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to adequately elucidate these characteristics. 

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  • Bettersizer S3 Plus

    Bettersizer S3 Plus

    Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

    Measurement range: 0.01 - 3,500μm (Laser System)

    Measurement range: 2 - 3,500μm (Image System)

  • BeVision D2

    BeVision D2

    Dynamic Image Analyzer

    Dispersion type: Dry

    Measurement range: 30 - 10,000μm

    Technology: Dynamic Image Analysis

  • BeVision M1

    BeVision M1

    Automated Static Image Analyzer

    Dispersion type: Dry

    Measurement range: 1 - 10,000μm

    Technology: Automated Static Image Analysis

  • BeDensi T Pro Series

    BeDensi T Pro Series

    Tapped Density Tester with a Wallet-Friendly Solution

    Number of Workstations: 1-3

    Tapping Speed: 100 - 300 taps/min

    Repeatability: ≤1% variation

  • PowderPro A1

    PowderPro A1

    Automatic Powder Characteristics Tester

    Operation Mode: Automatic

    Tapping Speed: 50 - 300 taps/min

    Repeatability: ≤3% variation

  • BeDensi-B1-S-Scott-Volumeter

    BeDensi B1-S

    Scott Volumeter

    Measurement: Bulk Density

    Compliance with USP, Ph. Eur., ASTM, and ISO standards

  • HFlow 1 Flowmeter Funnel

    HFlow 1

    Flowmeter Funnel

    Measurement: Bulk density and Flow rate

    Compliance with USP, Ph. Eur., ASTM, and ISO standards