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Bettersize Expanded Its Footprint This Year!


We expanded our footprint this year! Thanks to our marketing communication partners AZoNetwork, SelectScience and Researchgate (global platforms for researchers, engineers and scientists to have free access to the latest science technology, research news and insights from across the industries) that worked tirelessly during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver our value to the researchers, engineers and scientists around the world in the particle sizing industry.


By doing so, we worked efficiently to maximize Bettersize Instruments' current digital communication channels. These collaborations enabled us to precisely and effectively bring Bettersize Instruments' latest news, flagship products, application notes cutting-edge technologies and top-notch services and videos to millions of scientists researchers, engineers and industry professionals to solve the challenges associated with particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and powder characteristics.


We are confident that these collaborations are building blocks for Bettersize's continuous development and beyond.

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