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Bettersize instruments provide the particle size analysis of plastic and polymer products. Grain size analyzer (also called particle size analyzer) is the instrument used for grain size analysis. Bettersize grain size analysis instruments, such as Bettersizer S3 grain size analysis equipment, Bettersizer ST grain size analyser, have been widely used in the plastics and polymers industry.


Bettersize laser particle size analyser can provide plastics and polymers characterization.


The particle size of powder plays an important role in the performance of plastic and polymer products. For example, for PVC resin using the suspension method, the absorption performance of the plasticizer is good as long as it has a small particle size and narrow particle size distribution; the plasticized material particles are thus more easily broken and melted, leading to excellent processing flowability.


In addition, when the particle size of plastic filler reaches the micron or nanometer grade, such as super fine filler, adding plastic filler to the plastic will improve its impact strength, tensile strength, breaking elongation and other mechanical properties at the same time. As such, the analysis of particle size has become an important step in the research and production process control of the plastics industry.


Bettersize particle size and shape analysis system can help you to:
Rapidly provide the particle size and particle shape distribution of filler
Participate in the initial polymerization and laboratory analysis
Predict machining performance
Test final use performance
Understand or predict the material properties of the entire life cycle process

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    Using BeNano 90 Zeta to measure the particle size and zeta potential of multicolor UV-sensitive resins

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