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Good News∣Elites from the Instrument Industry Gathered in Tianjin, Two Awards Won by Bettersize Instruments


On September 16-17, 2020, the 14th Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2020 (ACCSI2020) was held in Tianjin. ACCSI is a high-level industry summit for the scientific instrument industry, and is hailed as the "Davos Forum" for the scientific instrument industry. With the theme of "Digital Driven ,Innovation and Leading", ACCSI2020 comprehensively summarized the latest developments in China's scientific instrument industry in 2019, and discussed in depth the opportunities and challenges of the scientific instrument industry under the influence of the new international situation and Covid-19, which attracted the attention of the industry.




On the evening of September 16, ACCSI2020 held an award ceremony for the annual list of typical instruments and instrument testing. The award ceremony has the reputation of "Oscar Award Ceremony" in the scientific instrument industry. Based on the principles of openness and fairness, it is selected by users of the instrument information network on the mobile terminal. In this awards ceremony, Bettersize Instruments' smart laser particle size analyzer Bettersize 2000 won the 2019 "Scientific Instrument Industry's Annual User Favored Instrument" award for its good accuracy, intelligent operation, and robust quality. At the same time, Bettersize Instruments Ltd, won the honor of “Leading Enterprise in Scientific Instrument Industry” for its outstanding brand influence and continuous innovation and development.





Bettersize2000 adopts Bettersize Instruments’ original dual-lens technology with a measurement range of 0.02~2000μm. At the same time, Bettersize2000 has many outstanding advantages, such as one-button full intelligent operation function, accurate test results, and less than 0.5% repeatability error,etc, which is widely recognized by customers. Bettersize2000 once won the 2009 "Excellent New Product of Scientific Instrument" award. Ten years later, Bettersize 2000 won the "Users’ Favored Instrument" award, which shows that the instrument has been widely recognized by users for its high accuracy, good stability, and low failure rate. Bettersize2000 is a classic instrument among Bettersize laser particle size analyzers.




"Leading Enterprise in Scientific Instrument Industry" is one of the most authoritative awards in the industry. The award aims to recognize the most influential and user-friendly companies in the industry. After 25 years of continuous innovation and integrity management, Bettersize Instruments has nearly 100 patented technologies and more than 300 proprietary technologies, a complete quality management system, and a professional after-sales service team. By the end of August 2020, Bettersize Instruments has sold more than 20,000 instruments worldwide, and Bettersize Instruments is one of the brands with a high market share in the world's particle size and shape instrument market.


Bettersize Instruments

Bettersize Instruments Production workshop


At ACCSI2020, Dong Qingyun, the general manager of Bettersize Instruments Ltd, as a representative of domestic instrument manufacturers, was invited to participate in the instrument testing talent development forum to discuss the talent training and innovation development of the scientific instrument industry. Mr. Dong said that Bettersize Instruments Ltd has the top talents in China's top particle testing technology and applications, as well as a large number of technology and management talents,who have supported Bettersize to become a "leading enterprise in the scientific instrument industry."


Dong Qingyun participated in the instrument testing talent development forum


"Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well." Scientific instruments are indispensable tools and methods in scientific research and industrial production. Under China's favorable policy of vigorously developing scientific research instruments with independent intellectual property rights, domestic instruments will definitely usher in a beautiful spring. Bettersize Instruments will continue to innovate, develop, and contribute to the vigorous development of China's scientific instrument industry with better quality instruments and more professional and thoughtful services.


the 14th Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments






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