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Bettersize participated in the 11th Biennial Conference of the Chinese Society of Particuology as ‘Diamond Sponsor’


On October 24, 2020, the 11th Biennial Academic Conference of the Chinese Society of Particuology was grandly held in Xiamen, China. More than 1,500 experts and representatives from the particle industry across the country attended the meeting. Bettersize partook in the conference as the "Diamond Sponsor" of this conference and presented the latest technology and inventions, which was exceptionally commended by the specialists, researchers, and scholars of the Society.





The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhu Qingshan, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Particuology. At the morning conference, Academicians including Liu Zhongmin, Yu Shuhong, Yue Guangxi, and Ma Jun addressed keynote speeches respectively, and the magnificent reports were warmly welcomed by the partakers.





As the diamond sponsor and partner of this conference, Mr. Dong Qingyun, General Manager of Bettersize, led the core team of Bettersize attended this conference and presented the latest products including Bettersizer S3 Plus, Bettersizer 2600, PowderPro A1, and Nanoptic 90 Plus. The excellent performance and user-friendly operation of Bettersize instruments attracted many representatives. Professor Fei Guangtao, an expert in nanomaterials and the vice-chairman of the Chinese Society of Particuology, praised Bettersize’s persistent spirit of "focusing on particle sizing in 25 years" and its accomplishments, and trusted that Bettersize would realize its goal of building a global leading brand.




At this conference, Dr. Ning Hui, Product Director of Bettersize, reported on "Progress and Application of Dynamic Light Scattering Measurement Technology". Dr. Ning introduced dynamic light scattering technology from the development history, technical principle, and applications of dynamic light scattering technology, and emphasized the excellent performance of the Nanoptic 90 Plus nanoparticle sizer and its application in pharmaceuticals, food, gel, nanomaterials, and other applications. Dr. Ning’s report explained profound theories in simple language, showing the latest progress of Bettersize’s nanoparticle size testing technology to the audience.


Dr. Ning Hui-Product Director of Bettersize reporting at the conference

People-who-are-listening-to-Dr Ning


The content of this conference on particle science is extensive and far-reaching. There are aerosol science development and future trends after Covid-19, inhaled particles and health special sessions as well as particle characterization technology, particle preparation technology, and industrial pharmacy, micro and nano bubbles, environment and clean energy, youth forum, and other technical sessions. There are also special sessions on catalyst development and catalytic reaction engineering for industry needs and applications. This conference was rich in topics and went deep into all areas related to particles.




Over the years, Bettersize has actively supported and participated in various academic activities of the Chinese Society of Particuology (CSP). CSP has also provided valuable guidance and assistance for the development of Bettersize. The cooperation between the two parties is mutually beneficial, which has promoted the development of particle science. To commend Bettersize for its contribution to the development of CSP, Zhu Qingshan, chairman of CSP, awarded Bettersize the "Excellent Group Member" medal.




The two-day conference ended successfully. At the closing ceremony chaired by Chairman Chen Yunfa, the Natural Science Award, Science and Technology Progress Award, Youth Particle Science Award, and Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award was awarded. The conference concluded that the 12th Biennial Academic Conference of the Chinese Society of Particuology will be held in Guangzhou in 2022. Bettersize anticipates proceeding the participation with the Chinese Society of Particuology, gathering with experts in the particle industry again in Guangzhou, and simultaneously exhibiting more new technologies, new products, and new application researches at the Guangzhou Conference.









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