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Bettersize in Smoore's eyes


Bettersize in Smoore's eyes


Bettersize in Smoore’s eyes

Smoore is a worldwide pioneer in purveying vaping technology solutions with nifty R&D technology, solid manufacturing capacity, a wide-range product portfolio, and an assorted client base. Smoore is also the supplier of some world renowned brands like RELX, Yooz, JTI, and BAT. Smoore manufactures the majority of its ceramics parts in-house and it has various patents of ceramics.

During the annual after-sales visit, the Bettersize team interviewed Mr. Haihua Li to hear his opinion on the Bettersize instruments Smoore had purchased in 2019.
(Mr. Haihua Li is in charge of the development of ceramics crude materials.)


Reliable and robust particle size analyzer

The particle size of ceramic powder is an essential parameter that impacts the sintered density, smoothness of the surface, and so on.

“An accurate and reliable laser particle size analyzer is vital for our research." Mr. Haihua Li said, "Smoore has utilized a few of Bettersize instruments in various departments for several years. When Smoore decided to purchase a particle size analyzer, I did an extensive research on various brands and Bettersize soon came to the top of my list, as it has an advanced R&D center. Bettersize products are a complete package of advanced technology in terms of performance, reliability, and price."

"The test result of our materials has astounding repeatability which is under 0.5%. The range of the test can be 0.01~3500µm. Furthermore, the SOP function is exceptionally convenient and fast for me to operate."

The introduction of Bettersize laser particle size analyzer assists the Smoore R&D department in the selection of raw material, which makes the preparation of experiments more efficient.


Excellent customer service to meet the various needs of customers

"I'll definitely recommend Bettersize to others." Mr. Li replied unhesitatingly when being asked." Bettersize service is the most thoughtful service compared to other brands. Before we made the purchasing decision, we sent our samples to Bettersize lab, and few days later, we received several methodological reports based on our needs. And after we had the Bettersize instruments installed, they had several Application Engineers over for an on-site operation training. Besides that, the after-sales engineer will pay a return visit annually."


Investment in particle size analysis

Bettersize is proud to make every research precise. The reliable particle size analysis by Bettersize have been a game changer for Smoore - Our instruments have provided significant improvement on Smoore’s bottom line, and will continue to do so.

We are Bettersize - Better Particle Size Solutions.



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