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BeDensi T Pro Series

The BeDensi T Pro series is a reliable tapped density tester that excels at intuitive operation while complying with the USP, EP, ASTM, and ISO standards. It can measure the bulk density and tapped density with less than 1% repeatability variation to help users to understand the flowability of a wide variety of powder materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Compliance (USP/EP/ISO/ASTM)
  • Easy to use
  • Up to three workstations
  • Wallet-friendly


What is Tapped Density and How Important is Tapped Density? Video play

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1) Compliance
Meeting the USP, EP, ASTM and ISO standards to provide informative results.


2) Easy to Use 

  • Set standard test conditions easily with membrane keypad
  • Replace cylinders quickly with the easy lock holders
  • One click to print detailed parameter reports on completion of a test


3) Up to 3 workstations 
The single tapped density tester with up to 3 workstations to meet different measurement needs and scale up your productivity even further.


4) Wallet-friendly 
Own a reliable tapped density tester at an affordable price.


5) Application

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Powder and Compounds 
  • Batteries
  • Food and Beverage
  • Carbon
  • Ceramics
  • Chemistry 

Curated Resources

  • Flyer
    BeDensi T Pro Series product flyer


    BeDensi T Pro Series Product Flyer

  • Application Note
    Pharmaceutical powder density testing


    How to Perform a Standardized Tapped Density Test for Pharmaceutical Powders

  • Application Note
    Cathode material density optimization


    Improving the Tapped Density of the Cathode Material to make a Lithium-ion Battery Hold More Energy


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