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Bettersize to Showcase Cutting-Edge Particle Analysis Solutions for Ceramics Innovation at Ceramics Expo 2024


Novi, Michigan, April 29 - May 1, 2024 – Bettersize invites you to our Booth 900 at the Ceramics Expo 2024, North America's leading technical ceramics exhibition and conference. Discover in person how our cutting-edge particle analysis solutions can help you achieve precise particle size and shape control, leading to enhanced performance and quality for your advanced ceramics materials. Don't miss our $100 prize draw and special gift packs at the bottom.




Featured Product Highlights:


BeNano 180 Zeta Pro: Nanoparticle Size and Zeta Potential Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 0.3nm - 15μm
  • Minimum sample volume: 3μL
  • High-concentration sample measurement: Backscattering (173°) technology
  • Automatic pH and temperature trend analysis

Bettersizer 2600: Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 0.02 to 2,600μm
  • Versatile dispersion units for wet and dry measurements
  • Flexible and easy switch Between 5 dispersion units
  • Improve efficiency and repeatability with SOP Function

Bettersizer S3 Plus: Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 0.01 - 3,500μm
  • Patented combination of laser diffraction and image analysis
  • Optional autosampler BT-A60 eases the workload
  • Real-time Particle images from a dual-camera system


Bettersizer S3 Plus: Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

BeVision M1: Automated Static Image Analyzer

  • Measurement range: 1 - 10,000μm
  • Measure 24 parameters of particle size and shape
  • A high-speed CCD camera enables high-quality imaging
  • Automatic sample stage with high position accuracy

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Bettersize - Your Trusted Expert in Advanced Ceramic Particle Analysis  


Global demand for advanced ceramics is rapidly growing in various industries, including biomedical, aerospace, precision tools, electronics, and environmental. Optimizing and controlling the particle size distribution in ceramic materials can improve the microstructure, which is crucial to the final performance of ceramic products.  


Bettersize's cutting-edge instruments, such as the Bettersizer S3 Plus with its optional BT-A60 autosampler, provide ceramic powder producers and ceramic product manufacturers with a highly automatic and time-saving method for measuring large numbers of samples. Learn more here: The Quality Control of Advanced Ceramic Products by the Bettersizer S3 Plus


Make sure to visit Booth 900 to discover your solutions for your specific needs. For those who can't join us in person, our free sample testing service is available to experience the capabilities of our instruments from wherever you are.


Prize Draw: Win $50/$100 Amazon eGift Cards 


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Exclusive Collection Just for You!

5 Key Ceramics Application Notes Collection: Get your copy and discover the secrets to perfecting ceramics quality and reducing production costs with our advanced particle analysis techniques.



Claim more (useful and cool) gifts at Booth 900, including canvas bags, multi-charging cables, mouse pads, and informative particle analysis guidebooks.



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