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How to Install and Operate Bettersizer ST

In this video, our after-sales and application teams have put together a comprehensive guide to show you how to set up the Bettersizer ST effectively, from its unpackaging to your workspace and getting you started analyzing particle size right away.


The Bettersizer ST is a laser diffraction particle size analyzer designed to ensure the quality of your final products and to improve your production efficiency. It is equipped with Bettersize patented DLOS (Dual Lens Optical System) technology that allows it to measure particles from 0.1 to 1000 μm with excellent repeatability.


The Bettersizer ST is widely used in industries including but not limited to Mining & Minerals, Building Materials, Ceramics, Abrasives, Agrochemical Analysis, Chemicals, Metals, Paints & Pigments, Batteries, and Plastics. 




Bettersizer ST

One-stop Particle Size Analyzer


  ● Dispersion type: Wet

  ● Size range: 0.1 - 1,000µm

  ● Repeatability: ≤1% variation

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