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Discover Bettersize's Latest Analytical Tech at Pittcon 2024 and Win a Prize


Drop by Bettersize’s Booth 1712 at Pittcon 2024 to discover our advanced particle analysis technologies and see how they can solve complex challenges in your material research. Connect with our US team in San Diego, California from February 24-28. Don't miss out — scroll to the bottom for a free chance to enter our prize draw!



⭐⭐ What Awaits You ⭐⭐


Next-Level Nanoparticle Analysis with BeNano 180 Zeta Pro 

High-resolution DLS Flow-Mode

DLS flow mode is a high-resolution DLS technique connected with front-end separation equipment. Compared to the batch mode commonly used by DLS analyzers, it enhances the resolution of size measurement as high as 1.3: 1.


Technical Presentation from Our Chief Product Officer

Gain valuable insights as Dr. Ning talks about "Flow-Mode Light Scattering Technique for Enhanced Resolution in Size Distribution Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals" on February 27. 

Learn how this technique can benefit your biopharmaceutical research.


Live Sample Testing: Simultaneous Size and Shape Measurement 

  • Instrument spotlight: Bettersizer S3 Plus
  • Samples used: glass beads and spices

Experience our Bettersizer S3 Plus in action as it simultaneously analyzes particle size and shape, utilizing our patented combination of laser diffraction and image analysis technologies. Find us in the DemoZone on February 27.


Exclusive Preview: Get a Glimpse of Our Booth Display


Before you join us in person, watch our exclusive preview video to see what innovative instruments Bettersize is bringing to Pittcon 2024.



Prize Draw: Win A Keurig Coffee Maker 

Bettersize-style-Keurig-Deluxe-Coffee-maker-for-Pittcon-2024 Sign up now for a chance to win a Keurig coffee maker and get your hands on exclusive Bettersize gifts, including canvas bags, mugs, mouse pads, and informative guidebooks.


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