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Bettersize instruments and techniques provide true and accurate particle size and physical properties for nanometer, micron, and millimeter-scale powders. We aim to consolidate and improve existing products' quality and service while constantly developing new products to meet different customers' diverse measurement requirements for Dynamic Image Analysis Particle Size,Cumulative Particle Size Distribution,Nanoparticle Size,Compressibility. All Bettersize instruments have passed ISO9001 international quality management certification and the European CE certification. The laser particle size analyzer has obtained the approval of 21 CFR Chapter I Subchapter J, Part 1040.10 and 1040.11, ensuring the validity and reliability of results and helping users ensure their products meet regulatory requirements. In addition, Bettersize instruments are preferred by users because of their robustness, low failure rate, and one-touch operation, each of which is built through dozens of processes. Bettersize instruments are the ideal solution for precise, reliable, and comprehensive particle sizing and analysis.

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