Improving the Tapped Density of the Cathode Material to make a Lithium-ion Battery Hold More Energy

08 Nov 2021

Tapped density is one of two important physical properties of electrode materials and affects the energy density of a Li-ion battery (LIB). The other important physical property is the particle size distribution which provides the appropriate information to optimize the grinding parameters during production. Improving the tapped density can also optimize the high- energy-density during LIB manufacture. Thus, it is necessary for the LIB producer to determine in advance, what is the most optimal and achievable tapped density and then using this parameter as the “gold standard” measure samples from the process during production until they match or come close to the “gold standard” measurement. The easy-to-use BeDensi T Pro series is an ideal tapped density tester because it is an economical device which delivers an exceptional performance with no compromises.

BeDensi T2 ProBettersizer ST 



Measurement Type: 
Powder Characteristics

Measurement Technology: 
Powder Characterization
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