Effect of Sample Refractive Index on Laser Particle Sizing

Effect of sample refractive index on laser particle sizing
Ultra-fine and nano-sized powder materials are the research and production trend of modern powder materials. In order to meet the requirement of measuring these particles, the measurement range of laser particle size analyzer is developed in the direction of ultra fine and nanometer. Therefore, the measurement limit of modern high performance laser particle size analyzer has reached 20nm or even 10nm.
The refractive index of the samples (including absorptivity) is an important parameter for precise analytic solutions of Mie scattering theory. The use of incorrect refractive index would lead to incorrect measuring results. As more and more novel materials, synthetic materials and composite materials being developed, it is difficult to measure refractive index of these materials.

To solve this problem, Bettersize has developed refractive index measurement technology and applied on Bettersizer S3 series. Before the particle size measurement, the refractive index and absorptivity are firstly measured, which guarantees the accuracy of particle sizing results for new materials.

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