Asia Pacific Coatings Show 2019

The well-known International Asia Pacific Coatings Show was held on 4th - 6th September, 2019 in Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. There are over 170 exhibitors present at the exhibition. Bettersize team showed their latest technologies and instruments for particle size as well as particle shape analysis professionally and actively.

Bettersize team at International Asia Pacific Coatings Show

There are a large variety of coatings with different usage. Coatings are mainly divided into water-based coatings, solvent-based coatings and powder coatings. And the main components of coatings are pigments, fillers and resins. The particle size distribution and flowability of powder coatings are closely associated with their transfer efficiency as well as recovery efficiency, while the particle size distribution of fillers and pigments will influence tinting strength , hiding powder, gloss and smoothness of the coatings. Besides, particle size distribution also impacts on the dispersibility, oil absorption and storage stability of pigments and fillers. The molecular weight of resins will also greatly affects their viscosity, film build-up performance and the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOC). By controlling particle size distribution, the same or a better performance of the film can be realized by consuming less raw materials. In addition, by controlling the molecular weight of the resins, viscosity and solvent content of the coatings can be properly restraint, reaching the goal of environmentally friendly production.

As the environmental protection laws get improved progressively, the costs for the production and development of coatings are escalating. Pigments and fillers with appropriate particle size distribution and good dispersibility can save  production capacity, spare the use of resins and raise productivity.

The different demands of our users can be satisfied: particle size and particle shape analysis of ingredients as well as final products; dispersibility check and molecular weight measurement of powder materials; functional indexes of powder materials. Bettersize laser particle size analyzer can measure the particle size distribution of pigments, fillers, resins and compound products which can fulfil the quality control of final products, while through imaging particle size and particle shape analyzer, the particle shape and dispersing state can be observed. Resin, which greatly influences the performance of the coatings, is an indispensable component. Nanoptic 90 nanoparticle size analyzer can not only measure the particle size distribution of resins in water or solvents but also their molecular weights. As for Bettersize powder characteristic tester, it can provide functional indexes, such as bulk density, tapped density and flowability of various powder materials including pigments, fillers and chemical additives, benefiting powder transfer, package and transportation process. Bettersize instruments can be used in nearly all aspects of coating production from raw material inspection to the quality control, package and transportation of the final products.

At the exhibition, many visitors showed great interest in the technologies of Bettersize and stopped by our booth. From time to time, our booth was crowded with visitors. Some of the clients took their products to our booth, and we demonstrated the measurement procedures. Also we explained the theories of our instruments and the indications of the analysis report carefully. Surprisingly, we met many “old friends” at this show, who were our regular customers, including prominent filler companies, metallic pigment producers and water-based slurry producers. Bettersize has been working in coatings industry for decades, and has attracted a number of customers at this exhibition with its professional attitude and trustworthy technologies.

Bettersize's booth at International Asia Pacific Coatings Show

Bettersize instruments demonstration

The Asia Pacific Coatings Show was concluded on 6th September. We found it quite fulfilling, with our professional attitudes and technologies demonstrated. More importantly, we penetrated further into coatings industry and knew more about the market demands.

After the exhibition ended, our sales manager, Lin Sun visited Sigma corporation and Sharp company in Thailand to communicate and get feedback. Mutual trust and win-win cooperation relationship were set up.

Bettersize team visited Sigma corporation and Sharp company

As far as this exhibition is concerned, Bettersize team has had a quite rewarding experience. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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